ConceptualPainting The Art of Margaret Dawn Pepper
ConceptualPaintingThe Art of Margaret Dawn Pepper


LONDON                                                       Covering all aspects of life today in London

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES                               Covering current economic,environmental,                                                                          scientific and technological issues

JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE                               Coping with today's problems

RELIGIOUS & MORAL ISSUES                          Concerning sexual, ethical, political and                                                                             environmental problems where there are                                                                             no simple answers.

THE ARTS, HUMOUR & THE INDEFINABLE        Lighter subjects

THE UNPLEASANT                                             The very unpleasant

ADULT SEXUAL THEMES                                   Sex from various angles

TV/TS SUBJECTS                                               LGBT & Transsexual points of view

PORTRAITS                                                       Attempts of capturing the essence




Prints available at:

Latest Projects


Forthcoming exhibitions

Outsiders in London event/exhibition 30th March 2015 due to be held in the Crypt Gallery at St. Martins in the Fields church (next Trafalgar Square)



Helping to make film about what is relevant to people.


Involved in book project about table manners entitled "Getting laid"


I'm on BBC News Magazine!!

Unbelieveable, for stories go to:


And also in the Independent too. You can't make it up!!


I have now started to sell through Saatchi art website.  To see go to  website and type margaret pepper and it should bring images.

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