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Me at Cafe Med in Berwick Street, Soho.


Photo by Katie Xanda 2014.



I was born originally on 16th January 1944, at a time when bombs were falling on London.  My family were known as what was termed "respectable working class" in those days, and we lived in a flat above a restaurant off Tottenham Court Road.  I would class my upbringing there are generally quite happy, but sexually frustrated after puberty.   My first memory of being obsessed with women's cloths was at the age of 5.   From 5 to 11 I went to a conventional primary school, and thence onto a grammar school in London's East End.  Leaving school with 2 "O" levels in 1960, I went to work in a nearby office, and did various jobs until starting up my own business at the age of 25. Eventually that business collapsed, so I changed direction ompletely, and worked as a quantity surveyor up until my retirement from salaried work at the end of 2003.


Early in 2004 I had sex reassigment surgery.  This is actually an incorrect statement, as I never actually changed sex at all, but merely got rid of a birth defect, and reverted to what I should always have been, a woman.  It was a medical problem sorted out medically, there was no psychological adjustment, except the burden being lifted.


At the end of 2004 and beginning of 2005 I thought that I would paint one or two pictures.  Previously, in 1976, I had painted briefly using oils, and again briefly in 1994, again using oils, really as a method of escape.  Now in 2005, I began again this time using acrylics which are much faster to use and rather suit my impatient nature.


I used to be a regular visitor to the Philbeach Hotel on a Monday evening, and it was there that I first started to exhibit. After much encouragement I began to exhibited in cafes and bars in Soho, soon began to exhibit at LGBT events.  At first I began to paint in a conventional fashion, but soon became much more conceptual in tone.  My advice is that my paintings are viewed as "debating" pictures, which focus like a laser beam on a particular idea, such as the environment, economic or social issues.




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Latest Projects


Forthcoming exhibitions

Outsiders in London event/exhibition 30th March 2015 due to be held in the Crypt Gallery at St. Martins in the Fields church (next Trafalgar Square)



Helping to make film about what is relevant to people.


Involved in book project about table manners entitled "Getting laid"


I'm on BBC News Magazine!!

Unbelieveable, for stories go to:


And also in the Independent too. You can't make it up!!


I have now started to sell through Saatchi art website.  To see go to  website and type margaret pepper and it should bring images.

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