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Welcome to ConceptualPainting. This website covers subjects relevant to our modern society in a rapidly changing world. We have many interesting and extraordinary items that you're sure to love.

NOTE The paintings on this website are divided into various sections, from London through to portraits,  however many fall into more than one category, so therefore I have inserted some into two or more pages, so that each category covers all relevant images relating to this main category heading.   The paintings should be viewed as  "Debating topics", rather than normal paintings.


The Charade (2011) shows Prime Minister's question time in the House of Commons. Its all a party game, a charade, hence the title of the painting. I've noticed that the MP's from the government side nearly all start with the comment "does my honorable friend agree with me that....", and the opposition always critizise everything the government does.  I put £ signs in as MP's noses, honest comment I think.






LATEST PICTURE  entitled "THE HOMELESS".   Originally entitled "Rough Sleeper" this is an amendment to this earlier picture, which I think totally refocuses this picture from one being about a rough sleeper to one being about the homeless.

Another new picture (number 346!)  THE WEBSITE TREE

I thought that it would be an interesting idea to paint my website as a tree. It seems to me that websites are like branches of a tree, having branches and leaves at the top, and roots at the bottom.

Painting 347

Niki Adams

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PURITAN ATTACK on Madame Jojo's November 2014

Painting 348 -

This is NOT a picture    Just empty words!  What's it mean?   I don't know - seems like modern art to me.  Anyway, it's yours for a million quid!!!!    I wonder what Rene Magritte (and his pipe) would have thought about this, probably thought it witty!





More exciting news:-  I have been invited to exhibit picture for Millinery Works Gallery, between Angel and Balls Pond Rd for show in Feb 2015.  Private view 1st Feb 2015




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Outsiders in London event/exhibition 30th March 2015 due to be held in the Crypt Gallery at St. Martins in the Fields church (next Trafalgar Square)




Helping to make film about what is relevant to people.


Involved in book project about table manners entitled "Getting laid"


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